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Which chocolate bars are the most popular in Spain?

4/5 Most popular Spanish chocolate bar mold (left) More than 50% of the most frequently purchased chocolate bars in Spain come from a single brand, M.C.G., which is owned by Nestle.This brand is considered one of the top three producers of chocolate bars worldwide.(Image source: fourfourtwo)M.C., which was founded in the 1950s,
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How to make chocolate bar mold from scratch

Chocolate bar mold is an inexpensive and easy way to make your own chocolate bars.It uses a process called chocolatier, which involves creating a mold from a raw material like

How to make a gluten free cake recipe

You can make a cake in a cake pan and use it in muffins, muffins with gluten free frosting, or as a cake topping.Here’s how.1.Fill a cakepan with water.2.Heat a