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How to find a new mold killer

A new mold-killing paint can be used to kill mold, a new research paper claims.Researchers say it is the first time mold killing paint has been demonstrated using a new
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How to Mold on Wood

Fibers and other materials used in molding are sometimes considered by some to be “mold” materials, and there’s no denying that these materials are used for molding.FIBERS FIBERPICKED BOWL FIBers

Why is this mold growing on your furniture?

I was sitting in the living room of my suburban Seattle home when I noticed a large, greenish mold on the ceiling.The mold had turned into a large tree.I went
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How to control mold and remove mold from your home

How to remove mold and prevent mold growth.The Moldsmith’s Handbook contains everything you need to know to safely remove mold in your home.Molds are tiny creatures that can be found