A few tips on how to spot mold on soils can help prevent mold growth.

The mold on the inside of a leaf may be black, yellow, green or white.

Molds may also be on the leaves of a plant, stems or roots.

Mold on the outside of a tree or shrub may be brown or brownish-black.

Mould on the underside of leaves may be white, yellow or black.

Mold on top of a dryer vent may also cause mold growth, but the mold is less likely to be noticeable in the dryer.

If you have a dry area that is exposed to air, it’s possible to see mold growth on top.

The mold will appear if the mold moves around or if the air conditioner is turned up or down.

If the mold gets inside a dry item or is on a damp surface, it can spread.

If a dry container has mold on it, remove the item from the dry area and wash the item with soap and water.

If there is no mold on a dry, damp surface or if you can remove the mold, put the item back in the container.

To see if mold is growing on a dried item or if it’s just on a moist surface, open the dry item and take a cloth or paper towel and a damp cloth to inspect the inside.

If mold is on the dry surface, the item should be cleaned with soap, water or a mild soap and a wet cloth.

If it’s on a wet surface, rinse with water and dry.

If neither the cloth nor the dry cloth is dry, look at the inside surface of the item and if mold can be seen, use a clean cloth to wipe the mold off.