It’s a good idea to spray the inside of your shoes with mold killer.

It’s actually an inexpensive way to kill mold spores that’s found in many household products.

Mold killer sprays are commonly sold as a natural remedy for mold, although some manufacturers claim it is actually dangerous.

But there’s another side to mold killer spray, and that’s that it can cause a nasty allergic reaction in people allergic to mold.

So if you don’t want to spray your shoes, here are some things you can do to prevent mold in your home.1.

Wash your feet thoroughly with soap and water.

If you’re allergic to foot odors, it’s a no-brainer to wash your feet in a dishwasher or a hot water sprayer.

If mold isn’t an issue, try washing them in a cold water bath or in the shower.2.

Cover up cracks in your walls.

Mold can grow inside cracks that allow moisture to leak through.

To avoid mold growing inside your home, you can use mold-resistant cement to cover cracks in walls.

You can also seal cracks with a mold-proof material such as vinyl or a clear plastic liner.3.

Keep mold out of your eyes and mouth.

Molds that grow inside your eyes can cause allergic reactions.

To keep mold out, seal up cracks or remove mold spores from cracks.4.

Avoid contact with mold spores.

Mold spores can pass into your mouth, nose and eyes and cause allergic symptoms, including a rash.5.

Avoid moldy food.

The spores found in moldy foods can grow in your food, making it less likely to get moldy.

But you can always remove mold from foods that contain food containing the mold spores if you can’t find the mold.