4/5 Most popular Spanish chocolate bar mold (left) More than 50% of the most frequently purchased chocolate bars in Spain come from a single brand, M.C.G., which is owned by Nestle.

This brand is considered one of the top three producers of chocolate bars worldwide.

(Image source: fourfourtwo)M.C., which was founded in the 1950s, is also the largest chocolate maker in Spain, with more than 5.2 million kg of cocoa beans produced annually.


C.G. produces its chocolate bars by soaking cacao beans in a chemical reaction that produces a highly purified cocoa butter, which is then processed to produce a product known as chocolate.

The butter is then pressed into chocolate bars.

M C. G. has a global distribution network of nearly 3,500 chocolate producers and distribution companies.

The company is also responsible for selling many of its products in the United States, which accounts for over half of the chocolate market in the country.


C’s brands are often used in food packaging and in advertising, but are also sold in convenience stores and grocery stores across Spain, where they have become popular in recent years.

However, there is growing competition from more established chocolate brands such as Cadbury and Nestle, which produce high-quality products, and have been expanding their operations in recent months.

According to a recent survey conducted by consumer advocacy group República, M C G is the most commonly-consumed brand in Spain.

The poll was carried out in December and January.

According the survey, over a third of the respondents said they have tried at least one M C bar, and one in four said they tried at a M C Bar in the past year.

In total, almost half of respondents said that they had bought M C Bars in the last six months.

M C G has been selling chocolate bars for more than 100 years, and it has become an established brand in the region, with the majority of its customers in the south and west of Spain.

However the brand has also gained popularity in the southern and northern regions of the country, where it has established a foothold.


G is considered the “world’s most famous chocolate bar”, according to the International Chocolate Association, which lists it as the third-best chocolate bar maker in the world after Nestle and Cadbury.

In 2016, Nestle announced it would buy M CG for an estimated €7.8 billion, which has seen the chocolate giant make a profit of €4.3 billion.

In 2018, Cadbury, which makes M C bars, launched a chocolate line, and M C is expected to make more than half of its chocolate products in Europe this year.