Molds can be used for many things including molding for ceramics, ceramically-colored glass, plastic, glass products, and even a wide variety of other items.

But they are also great for moulding for the most basic of objects like a mold for a board.

I have to admit, when I first learned how to mold orange molding I was a bit nervous, because I thought it was a pretty simple process.

But once I got started, the results were truly amazing.

You can build a variety of types of mold, from simple orange mold to more intricate orange mold, and it is actually quite simple.

Materials you’ll need For the orange mold you will need:Orange Mold Starter Kit.

I chose to use a 2.5 gallon plastic bottle with a clear lid.

Orange Mold Stem.

This mold is designed for use with a 2-gallon plastic bottle.

Orange Molds are sold by a number of companies and the basic kit is $1.99.

You may have to look at a few of the different suppliers to find one that suits your needs.

For the mold you need:1.

Plastic bottle that fits inside of plastic container2.

A large bowl for pouring the orange into3.

A plastic bucket4.

A clear plastic tube with a rubber stopper5.

A thin plastic sheet6.

Rubber gloves and mask7.

A piece of mask8.

A glass jar9.

A spray bottle10.

A bottle opener11.

A spade12.

An empty jar13.

A metal pipe14.

A knife15.

A ruler16.

A sheet of newspaper17.

A scrap metal box18.

A bucket19.

A rubber band20.

A wire mesh cloth21.

A paintbrush22.

An adhesive band23.

A glue stick24.

A few small screws25.

A screwdriver26.

A small piece of tape27.

A marker28.

A black marker29.

A sharp knife30.

A pen and paper31.

A tape measure32.

A pencil and paper33.

A scale34.

A stick of thread35.

A nail file36.

A rag for applying glue37.

A sponge38.

A disposable tissue sponge39.

A cloth to wrap a piece of cardboard20.

Plastic tubing that will run up your neck20.

Orange tape that will wrap your mouth30.

Plastic tape that you can wrap your arms up in31.

Rubber tubing for attaching your hands32.

Plastic glue for making a patch or patching your feet33.

Plastic sheet for making an anchor or a strap34.

Plastic pipe for tying the knot for your feet35.

Plastic tube for attaching the bottom of your skirt36.

Plastic mask for adding color to your skin37.

Rubber band for attaching a mask38.

Rubber tape for tying a knot for a mask39.

Plastic paper for making fabric for a dress40.

A long, thin plastic rod that will attach the bottom part of a balloon41.

A very small tube that will allow the bottom portion of a tube to be used as a cushion42.

A tube for holding the bottom piece of a fabric bag43.

A container to store your fabric44.

A towel or cloth to hang your coat on45.

A hose clamp to attach your shirt on46.

A paper towel to hold your coat to your neck47.

A roll of tape to hold the top of your dress48.

A little bottle to keep the air out of your lungs49.

A sticky tape to keep your fingers warm50.

A trowel or cloth pad to wipe your hands51.

A bandana to make sure you are dry and clean52.

A cotton pad to clean your clothes53.

A water bottle54.

A couple of cloth gloves55.

A sewing needle56.

A pair of scissors57.

A razor58.

A hammer59.

A pliers60.

A needle and thread61.

A scissors62.

A candle63.

A thread that will be used to sew up your shirt64.

A bunch of tape that is the size of a pea65.

A box to store a few extra layers of fabric66.

A bag of cotton fabric for making socks67.

A bit of glue to hold down your jacket68.

A zip lock bag69.

A pack of glue that will hold the fabric together70.

A dry erase marker71.

A strip of tape72.

A clean cloth towel73.

A patch that will keep your clothing in place74.

A white cloth towel75.

A fabric patch 76.

A washcloth 77.

A toothbrush 78.

A soap bar 79.

A brush for making fine hair tacks80.

A tissue to use for your hands81.

A set of scissors for cutting fabric for your clothes82.

A mask that will protect you from moldy items83.

A cheap piece of plastic that you will be able to put on and off for your use84.

A nice pair of gloves for working outdoors85.