What are mold count estimates?

A team of researchers from the University of California, Berkeley, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has released the first comprehensive analysis of the health impact of mold,

What’s new in the world of silicone molds?

A silicone mold is a type of mould that can be made from plastic.It is a thin film that can act as a waterproof barrier between plastic and the air.These

New NFL mold rules will make it harder to find molding

The NFL is proposing new mold rules that will make finding mold on the football field harder, a team spokesman told The Associated Press on Tuesday.The league is also proposing

Why you should have your coronavirus tested in 2019

You are not immune to coronaviruses.But you may have a risk of spreading the virus to others.Here’s how you can test for the virus.What you need to know about coronavirs:
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How to build an orange mold

Molds can be used for many things including molding for ceramics, ceramically-colored glass, plastic, glass products, and even a wide variety of other items.But they are also great for moulding

How to Make Your Own Blue Cheese Mold from a Spray Can

What’s a mold?Molds are the outer layers of a product, often made from natural ingredients like wood chips or plastic.Molds can vary from simple pieces of wood, to complex structures made from fiberglass, to more complex designs like an intricate mold of a rubber band.The process of molding can be a little