By Polygon Staff A black mold outbreak has led to a rash of cases of mold in the neighborhood of Astoria.

The black mold has been present in the area since at least February, when it was discovered in a vacant lot near an apartment building, according to a public health alert issued Thursday by New York’s Department of Health.

The Department of Public Health says the mold was detected in an area of Astorian, which is a section of Astor Place in Queens, and the city has begun a quarantine of residents.

The outbreak, which has affected several neighborhoods, has led some residents to contact their doctors for testing.

Athoria resident Eric Nallor told ABC 7 that when he arrived at his home Thursday morning he noticed a lot of mold, and when he went to his neighbor’s place, he noticed mold on the floor.

Nallon said the mold outbreak affected several families, and he is asking anyone who has symptoms to contact the Department of Environmental Health.

Nallor said he doesn’t know if the mold is related to a mold outbreak, but he believes it is related.

He said he believes the mold may have arrived through the garbage, but is not sure how.NALLOR said he did not notice any other mold at his house.

A New York State Department of Conservation and Recreation spokesperson said that while it’s unclear why the black molds are in the Astorian neighborhood, it could be a case of environmental contamination.

“This mold has not been detected in the city prior to the outbreak and we believe it may have come from a trash dumpster or other sources,” the spokesperson said in a statement.

“While we are working to confirm this, we strongly urge anyone experiencing symptoms to get tested for mold.

Anyone who has been in contact with mold should wash it off.”

The CDC has opened an investigation into the outbreak, and has asked residents to report any new cases to their local health department.

The department has also posted an advisory about mold and is working to identify people who have been affected by the outbreak.

“I’m a little shaken right now,” said Astorian resident Jai-Nan Huang, who has experienced symptoms of the mold.

“I’m kind of on edge about it.

But I can tell you this is something we should really worry about.

We’re in a place where we’re supposed to be safe and it’s kind of scary right now.”

Huang told ABC News she and her husband are working through the mold and have begun to remove the mold from the apartment.

“It’s not something we can control.

But it’s something we’re working on,” Huang said.

“We have to be careful not to put out anything else.”

The Department of Ecology, which regulates the state’s landfills, has been notified about the outbreak of mold.

A spokesperson for the department told ABC that it’s working with the state to identify areas in which mold may be present and to identify any residents who may have experienced symptoms.

The Department said it will also be providing assistance to residents and families who may need to relocate due to the mold outbreaks.