The top 10 mold allergy diseases are listed below:The top 10 allergy diseases in India are:Mold allergy, a chronic allergy to a mold.

Mold allergies are a common allergy to mold and are usually caused by spores, not viruses.

Molds are the most common cause of allergies in children.

Mold is also common in the soil, water, air, and soil particles, including soil.

There are three types of mold: micro-organisms, viruses, and bacteria.

The micro-organism and virus types are similar to viruses.

They are found in soil, soil debris, soil bacteria, soil particles and other things in the environment.

The bacteria type is similar to bacteria in the water and waterborne environments.

A typical mold-caused allergy can be caused by either a virus or bacteria.

Both viruses and bacteria can be found in the atmosphere, soil, and water.

When the water becomes contaminated with a mold, mold spores can build up.

These spores can cause the symptoms of a mold allergy.

When a mold causes a rash or a condition like eczema, eczematosis, and eczemi, these symptoms can occur.

Molds can be introduced to people through inhalation, ingestion, or through contact with contaminated food.

Symptoms include: Rash or redness on the face, neck, or back caused by mold, or