President Donald Trump expressed “very upset” Tuesday night over reports that the new moulding used at his Florida estate was causing mold in some of the marble pieces used to mold the crown moldings on the 18-acre property.

“It’s very sad,” Trump said at a press conference at the White House.

“The mold that we’ve got there was very resistant to mold.

And we’ve been able to keep the mold out.”

Trump had previously said that he did not know the mold was causing the problems.

The President told reporters Monday that he “never even knew” the mold had begun to spread, but that the President had ordered the removal of the molding.

The White House said Tuesday that Trump had ordered a probe into the mold after learning of the new condition in a news release.

“The President has ordered a review of all molding materials that were used at the Doral golf course prior to construction, and the new batch of molding was not resistant to new mold and was therefore not suitable for continued use,” the White the statement read.

“This investigation will focus on the mold that was used at Doral and is currently causing the mold in the crowns of the statues to spread.”

The White house said that Trump’s order “also includes a full review of the existing molding on the property and the ongoing mold issues that are plaguing it.”

The President did not respond to a question about why he ordered the review.