How to protect your pokemon from mold?

It may seem simple, but this article will explain the proper ways to keep your pokemon safe.1.

Keep your pokemon in a cool, dry place2.

Never leave your pokemon outside or in direct sunlight3.

Wear protective clothing4.

Avoid wearing loose clothing5.

Never put your pokemon inside an enclosed space6.

Keep a water source handy and away from your pokemon7.

Do not use a vacuum cleaner on your pokemon8.

Never allow your pokemon to be left alone outside of your home9.

Keep food out of your pokemon’s mouth10.

Avoid touching your pokemon while your pokemon is eating or drinking11.

Never eat food with mold on it12.

Never give your pokemon a water dish13.

Avoid giving your pokemon ice cream14.

Do NOT give your Pokemon water from a fountain15.

Never feed your pokemon food that has mold on the inside or on the outside16.

Never have your pokemon drink a hot beverage17.

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