Hands are the most basic parts of our bodies.

The silicone in them can change shape over time, but they are also extremely porous and can break easily.

A silicone sphere mould is one of the simplest ways to make your own hands.

Hand molds are usually used for creating sculptural art or to make custom parts for toys.

Here’s how to make one, and find out what’s involved in getting started.

Materials You’ll Need:A silicone sphere.

A plastic bowl or tray for storing the silicone mold.

Silicone molding material.

(If you’re going to make the mold, you might want to look at this list for more detailed instructions.)

Step 1.

Make a Silicone Sphere Mold:Step 2.

Create the Mold:The silicone sphere should be roughly the size of a golf ball.

Make sure the sphere fits tightly into the bowl.

The sphere should only be about a half inch wide.

If you don’t have a silicone molding tray, just use the spoon-shaped tray that came with the silicone sphere as a guide.

If your silicone sphere is too small to fit into the plastic bowl, it can be easily cut into smaller cubes.

This can be done with scissors, a knife, or a pair of scissors.

If you don;t have a kitchen scale, just measure the diameter of the sphere from the center hole to the top, which should be about 1/4 inch.

Step 3.

Place the sphere in the silicone bowl.

Fill the silicone cavity with a little silicone mold-building material.

The mold should fit snugly inside the sphere, and the mold should be held in place by a silicone ring.

Step 4.

Add the Silicone Rings to the Sphere:Step 5.

Add Silicone Molds:To create the mold for the silicone spheres, place the silicone ring in the center of the silicone spherical.

Make two holes, one on each side.

Make the holes about 1-1/2 inches apart, about 3/4-inch from the ring.

Make each hole about 1.5 inches deep, about the diameter you want the sphere to be.

The hole size will depend on how thick the sphere is, so check your sphere’s measurements.

The silicone ring should now be in the mold.

You can either fill it with the mold itself or place a plastic tube over it.

This will allow the ring to fit over the silicone plastic and seal it tight.

Step 6.

Add Molds to the MoldsFor each sphere, place a mold inside the silicone one, then add the rings and silicone mold material to the mold inside.

You may need to add more silicone moldings and/or rings as you go, so make sure the mold is securely attached to the sphere.

Fill your silicone mold with silicone mold and ring.

Fill a silicone tube over the ring, making sure that the ring is tightly attached to its side.

Step 7.

Make Your Own Hands:To make your hands, take a piece of paper towel and line up the pieces you want to create.

Then make a circle.

Put a piece in the middle and cut it with a scissors.

Repeat the process for the other circle.

Now you have three pieces that you can add to make more shapes, including finger, palm, and toe.

To add fingers, place one in the circle.

Then add another in the other, and so on.

To make an arm, place an extra finger in the corner of the circle, and place the thumb and forefinger in the ring in a similar way.

To create a toe, place two toes in the circles and then add a third toe in the outer circle.

Step 8.

Make A Hand Mold For The Hand:To mold the hand, cut the circle into two pieces.

You will need to use scissors to cut each piece.

Add a silicone moulding material to each piece, then press the mold into place.

Make small cuts in the bottom of each mold to make it look like it’s attached to something.

Then insert the mold in the hand and use the silicone material to glue it to the hand.

You may have to sand the hand in a sanding pad before it’s ready to use.