A Santa Ana, California, woman is having a tough Christmas, but her gift-giving plan may be the best she’s ever made.

The Santa Ana Police Department received a call Sunday night about a woman with a blow mold in her bedroom, and officers arrived to find a woman and her baby inside.

The woman told officers that she’d been working in her attic for over a year, and she was looking forward to Christmas.

According to police, the woman told them she bought her blow mold on Amazon.com and thought it would be a good idea to blow it out with a hot air balloon.

The balloon took off and landed in a field.

The next morning, a woman noticed the smell and was able to locate the woman who had blown the mold.

Officers were able to identify the woman as Christina Hernandez.

The baby was taken to a local hospital, and Hernandez was booked into the Santa Ana County Jail for investigation of first-degree child abuse.

Santa Ana Police Lt.

Chris Kline said they’re not sure how long the woman’s baby has been inside the blow mold, and are looking into what the baby is doing.

If it’s safe to say, Hernandez is probably having an unhappy Christmas, Kline added.

“We’re trying to figure out if this is something that could have been avoided or if there’s something wrong with this lady that caused this,” he said.

“I’m hoping she’s a happy person and just wants to get back to the family she loves,” Kline continued.

Hernandez is currently out on bail and faces a bond of up to $1 million.