The Queensland government is cracking down on mould contamination after a report found mould contamination in homes in two communities.

Key points:The state government says it is aware of the contamination in two homes in Brisbane and one in BallinaLocal authorities have opened investigations into the reports, which are still under investigationQueensland Government says the two communities have been closed to the public for a period of timeCommunity leaders say it is not appropriate for residents to return to their homes for fear of mould exposureCommunity leaders in Ballinas Creek have been forced to close their community after reports of mould contamination, the Queensland Government said on Thursday.

Queenslands Environment Minister Steven Miles says he is aware there has been contamination in the community in Ballinos Creek, and has opened investigations.

The Minister said the communities were closed due to the “extensive response” the community received from local authorities, but he did not provide further details.

“I have been made aware of reports of a mould outbreak in Ballinasc Creek and the Ballinas area.

I have been in contact with the Ballinasp Creek community to assist with the outbreak investigation,” Mr Miles said in a statement.”

My team has been working closely with local authorities in the Ballins Creek area, and will continue to monitor the situation.”

Ballinas Creek, near the Queensland border, is located in the western end of the Gold Coast.

The Government has already launched a three-week trial of two “containment zones” around Ballinas and Ballinas East, as well as a three week trial of a two-zone “contamination control area” in the region.

The Gold Coast is the state’s largest and busiest metropolitan area, with nearly 500,000 people living there.

The Queensland Government says it has now closed the communities to the community for three weeks.

“Queenslanders have had to make difficult choices this week as they have been unable to return home to Ballinas for fear that mould contamination will spread in their homes,” Mr Mundy said.

“The Ballinas residents have been given the choice to return and have been asked to take a mandatory mould remediation test.”

They are now being asked to do this by the community or by the Government.”‘

I don’t want people to come back’Mr Mundy says he has not spoken to any residents who have been evacuated, and he is not in a position to say whether any homes have been fully sealed off.”

This is a difficult and distressing time for our community,” Mr Galleries said.

Mr Galleries says he wants the Ballinos community to be able to return.”

It’s a very difficult situation for the Ballina residents and we want to make sure they have the ability to return, but we have to respect the community and their wishes,” he said.

Queensians in the Gold, Sunshine and Northern Territory have been ordered to vacate their homes by May 28, and have also been told to stay indoors during the time.

The state is also warning people to avoid visiting or working in Ballines Creek for the next three weeks, and to not leave home until they have tested positive for mould.

The Ballina Residents’ Association says it wants the community to return within 30 days.”

We’ve heard of a number of people who are still very concerned about the possibility of mould in their community,” the association said.

It is not acceptable to have a community with mould contamination,” she said.