By: Jennifer Fagan, Associated Press Parents and teachers say the best way to ensure their children get the best education possible is to get them into college.

But the cost of college education has risen substantially in recent decades and many families have not been able to afford it.

This story includes:1.

A look at how much money a mom could make if she has her kids go to college, a fact that has become a hot topic for parents and educators across the country.2.

A rundown of how much parents pay for college in a state and a dollar amount.3.

How many students have gone to college in the U.S. and how much does it cost?4.

What’s the average cost of a college education in the country and what is the average for different states?5.

What does the average price of a degree in the United States look like?6.

What kinds of scholarships are available to help with the cost?7.

Is there a national average cost for a bachelor’s degree?8.

What are the financial implications of attending college?9.

Are there scholarships for families with kids with disabilities?10.

How much would it cost to send a child to college?11.

How far does a child need to travel to earn a degree?12.

What is the cost for tuition at private schools and how many students do they enroll each year?13.

How is the quality of the college experience compared to the average public school?14.

How do you know whether your child has the financial ability to pay for the education?15.

How does your child pay for school and what are the options for scholarships?16.

What options do you have to pay more for higher education?17.

How can families with children and teens afford to pay?18.

How to get help if your child doesn’t have access to financial aid.19.

How would you feel if you or someone you know had to drop out of school?20.

How could you help pay for a college degree?21.

How expensive is it to get a college diploma in the USA?22.

What happens if you lose your job, lose your home or get sick?23.

How long can a college graduate expect to be unemployed after graduation?24.

How difficult is it for a parent to save enough money for college?25.

How are tuition rates in different states compared?26.

How well are the schools doing at improving student outcomes?27.

What steps do colleges take to improve graduation rates?28.

What types of scholarships do colleges offer?29.

How often do students attend college?30.

What should parents do to plan their education?31.

What resources do parents need?32.

What advice do parents have for their children on how to best plan for their college experience?33.

What can parents do if they feel they are not getting enough help?