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3 ways to make moldy concrete plans

A group of researchers from the University of Michigan says they have developed a new mold-breaking method that could help make concrete planters more durable.The research team said the method,
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Which is the best molding material?

What is the right molding type for your project?A good molding is a product that allows you to control the shape of your object.For example, if you want to make
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When will Crown molding angle come in the UK?

Posted November 09, 2019 07:24:07The UK has just announced it will be the first country to use Crown moldings.The Crown mold was developed by the company RMS in 2012, which

3D printing with a new mold: Spheres

3D Printing with a New Mold: Spheses and Spheres is a short blog series from TechHive about the possibilities of 3D modeling and 3D printers.We’ll discuss the differences between the