I was sitting in the living room of my suburban Seattle home when I noticed a large, greenish mold on the ceiling.

The mold had turned into a large tree.

I went to the window and looked up to the top of the tree, where it was growing a massive, tree-like growth.

The tree looked like it was alive and kicking.

It looked like a tree growing through the house.

I took it home, put it in a freezer, and the mold continued to grow.

It grew to the size of a basketball and I was afraid I’d break the tree.

It took several weeks before I was able to get rid of it. 

Mold is an extremely difficult to kill mold, especially if you have a very large home.

It can survive for weeks or even months.

It’s even more difficult if you’re a plant expert.

A fungus that grows on leaves can cause the mold to grow, but most fungi don’t grow on leaves.

Mold on wood is more likely to be the culprit, but you can also treat your wood with a fungicide.

The fungi that grow on wood also tend to grow in the attic.

If you have any mold in your attic, you should check the walls, floors, and ceilings to see if they’re getting mold.

It might be too late to take any action, but it’s best to do something.