Posted October 27, 2018 06:16:49A 3D printer on the counter at a pancake bakery in New York City broke apart after it was used to make a mold breaker that broke the glass of a window pane, the company said on Tuesday.

Mallory O’Reilly, the manager of the Bakery, reported the incident to the city’s Civilian Complaint Review Board.

The New York Police Department has opened an investigation into the incident.

O’Reilly said the machine broke in half when the worker used a drill to drill into the wall and a hole was drilled through the bottom of the machine.

“The machine broke off and we thought it was going to break into pieces,” she told The Associated Press.

“We were kind of amazed that it didn’t break into anything.”

O’Brien said the mold breaker broke when the machine hit the wall.

The machine was designed to break open a window but broke open a pane in the glass, making the pane impossible to open.

O’,Reilly said she called her daughter and asked if she could repair it.

She took the machine back to the bakery, which is on West 52nd Street.

The machine was fixed in a day, O’Brien added.