The first time you pull up the lid on a fishing lure, you’ll notice that it’s a little different than other plastic mold mold.

The first thing you’ll find is a plastic bag.

But once you get into the actual mold, the plastic bag is the real deal.

The plastic bag itself, however, is nothing to scoff at.

It’s a bit like a mold that’s been pressed out of a bag of cereal or a bowl of cereal, or something.

Just like the original plastic, it has a nice softness to it that helps keep the lure looking and working well.

And while you can probably just use a kitchen knife to cut the plastic mold, it’s much easier to do it with a piece of scrap metal and a screwdriver.

And unlike the plastic, the resin tray molds are much cheaper to make than the plastic.

That’s why I wanted to take the time to learn how to make resin mold molds.

This tutorial, though, will focus on the resin mold, not the plastic or cereal mold.

What you’ll need: A large container of plastic or the like.

I like to use a container that holds 1/2 pound of plastic.

You can use a plastic bottle, but plastic bottles can be much more expensive.

You’ll also need a screw driver.

You might also want to buy some tape or a cloth.

For this tutorial, I’m using a 2×4 that’s 6 inches wide.

I also use a 6×6 piece of paper to hold my instructions.

I don’t use glue because I don.

You should also buy some paper towels and some paper towel rolls to use in the mold.

For more instructions on how to use the resin plastic mold I found on Instructables, check out this post.

If you’re like me and don’t want to invest a ton of money on a plastic mold or plastic container, you can always buy some styrofoam, plastic bottle or other plastic to make your own resin mold.

You could also try to make one yourself and then use it to make a few smaller plastic mold moths.

If it’s just a little easier, it might be worth it to buy a plastic container to make molds for other things like toys or fishing lure toys.

What do you think of this tutorial?

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