How to remove mold and prevent mold growth.

The Moldsmith’s Handbook contains everything you need to know to safely remove mold in your home.

Molds are tiny creatures that can be found on your home’s exterior, ceiling, walls, floors, and ceilings.

They can also be found inside the house, inside your refrigerator, and inside your microwave.

Mold can cause serious health problems.

Mold can cause damage to the air and water supply and can affect your health in many ways.

Mold also can spread when people and their pets are in close proximity to each other.

If mold is growing on your walls or ceiling, remove mold by following these steps:1.

Use a mason jar or a similar container to hold moldy material.

Place a small piece of paper in the center of the moldy matter.2.

Take a handful of the molds and place it on a clean surface.


Continue to cover the mold in paper towels until all of the excess mold has been removed.

The mold will eventually dissolve into the paper towels.4.

Carefully wipe away excess paper towels and remove the mold.

Use an airbrush to remove excess mold from the walls or ceilings.5.

Clean the area where the mold was added with a paper towel to remove any remaining mold.6.

Cover the area with a clean cloth or plastic wrap to prevent mold from spreading.