How to spot and treat mold on soil

A few tips on how to spot mold on soils can help prevent mold growth.The mold on the inside of a leaf may be black, yellow, green or white.Molds may also be on the leaves of a plant, stems or roots.Mold on the outside of a tree or shrub may be brown

How to build a silicone popsicle molding kit

When the holidays are over, the time to make your own silicone popsicles is quickly approaching.This year, silicone popsie molding kits are being made by the millions.The process of making

Who kills mold? A scientist explains why mold is killing people

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has recently been pushing for a more comprehensive understanding of mold’s role in killing people, particularly those with respiratory illnesses.The CDC recently released a report titled “Mold and respiratory infections: The emerging threats to public health,” which included data from the National Institutes of Health